By his primitive form Black Metal is a call to Earth's echoes, to trance, this is the chant of the Earth as it roars his power and suffering. We answer its call by soaring on influences that feed our journey to the ultimate goal, total art.




In that way Hail the Pagan Age, band's first record, takes place as a first pace in this quest through an epic and agressive Black Metal built with guts, with a strong pagan thematic inspiration.



After some scenic experiences Folge dem Wind sink a little more in the way of vision and sight in order to forge a visual unity, and create a theatrical realm with a real intention to include performances in its shows... or rituals.



Thus echoes the Earth, band's first full-length album, put the musical and artistic evolution into a concrete form, taking shape of the first step in the ascension of Axis Mundi...Through an agressive Black Metal foundation melted with oniric and ethereal melodies Thus echoes the Earth tries to distill the essence of universal balance.



New step in the ascension, appears from harmonic chaos, Inhale the Sacred Poison is a musical description of the travel of our soul through the ineffable, frightening and obscure visions of Worlds hidden to our human eyes...